UL Notification of incorrect UL Labeling, should bear an ETL approval label.

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Unauthorized use of UL Label on Surface-Mount Ceiling Luminaires – Label should be the following Intertek ETL:

Intertek ETL Listed C US 4006520

The following is a notification from Fanco Group that the ceiling mount luminaire identified below bears an unauthorized UL Label for the United States and Canada. The luminaires have been evaluated by ETL to the appropriate Standards for Safety and it is known that these luminaires comply with ETL (Intertek) for Canada and United States safety requirements.

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Intertek Listing Constructional Data Report

Name of Product: Surface-Mount Ceiling Luminaire

Item Number: FM416SS; 3 x 60 Watt Lamps

Units: Approximately 150

Manufacturer: Fanco Group of Companies – Guangdong China

Dates of Manufacturer: Unknown

Identification: The product bears an unauthorized UL Listing Label depicted in the photo below.
CUL listed

Photos of the Luminaire Bearing an Unauthorized UL Mark

incorrect UL photos

The proper ETL (Intertek) listed Label should be the following:

FM16 etl logo picture